Concrete is known as the most durable construction material on the planet so much so that it can be used practically anywhere and can be made to look just as beautiful as if it were carved from a precious rock quarry. Here are some of the different types of concrete surfaces and their corresponding usage.

Basement or Garage

According to concrete Minnesota experts, this type of concrete mixtures is perfect because they are built to withstand the structural flooring and therefore can take a lot of punishment without much in the way of maintenance. Cleaning the floor is easier as it is less delicate than other floors in the house. If you want to go the extra mile, apply a concrete sealer for best results.

Driveway and Parking

True to form most parking and driveway areas are usually either asphalt or concrete. An alternative albeit an expensive one at that is to use stone or bricks. Ready mix concrete delivery Minneapolis MN experts recommend concrete over all other construction materials is due to its penchant for being mixed or blended in such a way that it can withstand the heavy loads that rests upon it. You can finish off using a brush-textured finish giving it a rougher surface that can ensure good traction.


If you are on a budget or just want to be practical without sacrificing aesthetics for strength then use concrete for your patios. This material is not only less expensive but much quicker to customize depending on what you prefer.


They usually have the same strength as the ones used in walkways and patios.

Exterior Walkways

For walkways concrete can be used without spending too much in terms of making it look and feel better, the use of the concrete stamping approach allows you to apply any kind of texture you want. Do you want the look of wood or marble? Simple just apply the right