before and after bathroom remodelingPeople that are looking to upgrade the value of their property know that a bathroom remodeling is one of the sure fire ways to achieve that objective. Here is some bathroom remodeling advice you can take with you to the bank.

Know what can be DIY

re-tiling bathroom remodelingDIY or do-it-yourself is a practical measure a lot of homeowners resort to in order to reduce the bottom line. This can save a lot of money in the process as long as it is done correctly Do it wrong and you’re looking at a disaster in the making. Projects like painting and replacement of cabinet hardware and outlet covers can be done by the avid weekend warrior DIY aficionado. However, replacing and installing tile should only be done by a professional. Many homeowners opt to buy the materials themselves thinking they can save a dollar or two. However, it is best to talk with a contractor first to save you the trouble of buying the wrong kind of fixtures. The last thing you need is an oversized vanity set installed in the front of the bathroom doorway.

Set a Budget For Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

Many homeowners fall on the wayside when it comes to remodeling projects simply because they neglected to put a cap on their budgets. The same is true for folks that are just too stingy on the matter and end up buying cheap or substandard materials. Like any remodeling project, there are unexpected expenses that can come up. It would be wise to place a 10% buffer if the bathroom you want to upgrade is still relatively new while in older ones, a 25% buffer is usually necessary.

Hire the Right People

When it comes to bathroom remodeling it takes several disciplines to undertake the entire project. You will require a plumber, an electrician, flooring and framing specialists and even an interior design expert. There are contractors just like Milano Dezign that specialize in bathroom remodeling and have under their employ people skilled to perform the necessary tasks required. A lot of general contractors may hire subcontractors to take care of say, the plumbing or other tasks that require special skills.

Hire the right people for your bathroom remodeling

A lot of homeowners often act as the general contractor and decide which carpenter, electrician, plumber and tile installer to hire. If this is the route you want to take it is always advisable to get at least 3 estimates, check online reviews or get recommendations from colleagues, friends or family. It is important that the contractor you hire is duly certified, bonded and insured to perform the necessary work.

Cost Of The Bathroom Remodeling

When it comes to the cost of a bathroom remodel you need to understand that the average cost in 2016 for a typical bathroom upgrade is $11,364, this is based on data from the National Kitchen and Bath Association, around 20% goes to the labor expense. A survey by the same organization showed that half of people paid $10,000 and $29,999 for a bathroom facelift, while 31% paid more than thirty grand.

How To Go About It

If you are getting goose bumps from the sticker price, you need not worry. A typical bathroom remodel is not an all or nothing affair. You can reduce costs if you do not have the necessary budget by doing one step at a time. You can begin by simply upgrading the lighting and the ventilation followed by installation of a bathroom vanity or if you prefer, granite countertops. Just upgrade some features later when you do have the money.

While it is quite easy to replace a light or faucet, schedule some face time with your contractor to discuss big-ticket items like bathtub replacement or installation and repair and replace the tiles. It is recommended to do these tasks all at once so you can save a bit on labor fees.

When it comes to bathroom remodeling it is always wise to go for quality rather than quantity. It is quite a waste of time and money to purchase a cheap toilet that leaks the moment the floor is redone. To save some money, lookout for sales at the local hardware store or rebates on high quality materials.